Enrolled In Medicare? Why You Also Need Medigap Coverage

If you've enrolled in Medicare, it's time to plan for additional coverage. Medicare will cover some of your medical needs, but the program does have limitations. That's why most people also sign up for Medicare Advantage. Medicare Advantage picks up where Medicare leaves off. However, there are limitations to Medicare Advantage too. That's where Medigap coverage comes into the picture. Medigap fills in the gaps that Medicare and Medicare Advantage leave open. If you plan to invest in Medicare Advantage, read the list provided below. Here are four reasons to choose Medigap instead. 

Nationwide Insurance Protection

If you're going to sign up for Medicare Advantage, you'll need to watch where you travel. You might not know this, but Medicare Advantage doesn't provide coverage throughout the United States. You'll only have coverage in your home state.

Medigap insurance plans, on the other hand, provide coverage throughout the United States. That means you'll have coverage wherever you go in the country. But, Medigap also provides coverage when you travel out of the country too. That means you won't need to limit your travels to the United States. 

Lower Out-of-Pocket Expenses

If you're worried about out-of-pocket expenses, it's time to choose Medigap coverage. Medicare doesn't cover all your expenses, and neither does Medicare Advantage. With those programs, you'll have quite a few out-of-pocket expenses to worry about. Those include copayments and deductibles. There are also some services you'll need to pay out of pocket for.

Medigap takes care of the out-of-pocket expenses for you, meaning less of your money goes to medical expenses. 

No Need for a Network Provider

If your current doctor isn't in the Medicare network, don't try to find a different doctor. Sign up for Medigap coverage instead. One of the great things about Medigap coverage is that your healthcare provider doesn't need to be in the network. You can choose your current doctor for your medical care. That means you won't need to change doctors when you sign up for Medicare. 

Extended Hospital Coverage

If you're enrolled in Medicare, it's time to think about hospital coverage. You never know when you'll need hospitalization. When that happens, you want to know that your hospital stay won't leave you with an expensive medical bill. Unfortunately, Medicare and Medicare Advantage don't cover lengthy hospital stays. That's why you need to choose a Medigap plan. Medigap insurance provides extended coverage for hospital stays. 

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